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Dad’s letter for me. (Senior’s encounter 2014, Aug. 15)

To Aneeka, 


If i remember it right during my highschool days in studying latin language at the seminary, it would mean “TIME FLIES”. It seem it is just yesterday, now you are in your senior year in your chosen course BS PHARMACY. I could not think of a precise word to express our feelings, actually mixed feeling is quite appropriate, HAPPY of course because you have proven yourself that you can do it, but at the same time sad because you’re a big girl now and memories are still fresh, when you were still young, together with kuya Zyd and Dalton, we all sleep in one bed with Mommy. To tell you frankly we cherish those fond memories because it will never come back. We tried to make sure that you grow just like any ordinary girl to experience all the best things in life can offer, during those days I was guided by saying which I modified to my intentions, it says “If there is anything I can do to my family especially to my children let me do it NOW, for I shall never pass this way again”.

Neek, anak, time really flies and it flies fast. I am sure there are lot of good things that will come in your way because GOD is so good sa mababait na anak na gaya mo, its to good to be true, I cannot recall any one instance, during your formative years until this very moment while I was writing this, na binigyan mo kami ng sakit ng ulo to say the least problema. Neek, marami at mataas pa sana itong message ko pero baka mahing sentimental at magkaiyakan pa, matuluan unya ug luha ni mommy ang keyboard, remember noong high school days ninyo sa Cor Jesu Colege during retreat, I still have your letter, I’ll have you read it when time comes.

For now, all our prayers are for your success in your chosen profession and any endeavor related to it. Should there be trials or failure that you encounter along the way, let it not discourage you. PERSEVERANCE is a virtue. Rest assured we will support you all the way. We are just one TEXT away, in case you need something. 

from : Daddy, Mommy, Kuya Zyd and Dalton.


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